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Keep Your Pecker Up

A journey of a thousand years start with a vital step you have got to be informed, you dont complete what you dont begin. Dreamers have a clue to what life keeps bringing closer, if you cant dream it you cant have.
Those who win do so in their mind, those who lose do so in their heart.make up your mind you can achieve what you want. You can start from zero if you really want and become a hero, if you really want.Make up your mind and wake up the potential thats already dormant in you.
What are you going to do than keep your pecker up, you can be what you want to be. This is an idea. It can fly away do pin it down. Dreamers keep your pecker up.Turn your visions to reality.Unleash the power You can do it if you dont back out
The whole world strep aside for a man who knows where he is going. Cant you see it in your mind's eyes .Blind eyes are far better than blind minds , if you cant see it you cant have. If you are down to something God is up to something Start working it out with what you possess. Goal getters dont lose focus. You are not suppose to lose focus.
Eyesthat look are many but eyes that actually see are few. IF you fail to think, you will stink What are you going to do than keep your pecker up.

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