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Master Your Memory
(Tony Buzan)

Do you want to increase your memory capacity?

Do you want to remember a list of 100 objects in just two

Do you want to carry out your day to day work without
referring your memo pad or computer jottings?

Then you have to buy the book Master Your Memory written by
Tony Buzan.

The book consists of 20 chapters in 192 pages.

Tony Buzan known worldwide as the Master of Memory is
uniquely qualified to write such a book as this. He is a world authority on the
brain, memory, creativity and speed reading. He has authored 82 books.

He is the President of Brain Foundation. He has invented a
new memory system called Self-Enhancing Master Memory Matrix. This system is
described in this book with all details.

The Principles and techniques are very interesting.

A list of 100 composers, artists, writers is given. Using
the techniques one will be able to bestride both the world of memory and the
world of knowledge.

The top 20 geniuses of all time is an interesting chapter in
which we can read the standard qualities of a genius. This will be useful to
check our own development in those areas.

In order to use and
manipulate vocabulary to gain success, a list of prefixes, suffixes and roots
is given and one can remember the key units of vocabulary using the Master
Memory Matrix system.

Lengthy religious books such as Talmud and the even larger
Vedic scriptures of Ancient India were passed down by memory only.

Themistocles was able to remember the 20,000 names of the
citizens of Athens. Xerxes was
reputed to be able to recall the names of the 100,000 men in his armies.

We can also increase our memory capacity using this book.
The journey one starts after reading this book will change his/her life

This book is a must for every home.

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