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The Gift Of The Magi

O.Henry, the well-known American short-story writer, was good at writing about the destitute lives of ordinary people.'The Gift of the Magi' was one heartwarming representation of such work. On the eve of Christams, there was a poor and young couple who were so down and out that they only had a few dollars left on them. The wife's name was Della who loved her husband, Jim, dearly and wanted to buy him a Christams present. Della had thick and beautiful brown hair that flowed like a shining cascade of waters down to her knees. But she had no money so what exactly should she buy? Della looked into the mirror and stared at her rippling long hair when she suddenly remembered that Jim had a gold watch. The gold watch was passed down to Jim as a family treasure and it was the only precious thing he had. The gold watch gave Della an idea on the best present for JIm. So out Della went on the streets, walked into a hair-product shop, and came out wearing short hair. She had sold her beautiful long hair to the shop keeper for a good price. Then she walked into a watch shop and bought a shining platinum fob chain, hoping it would match Jim's gold watch and please him. When Jim came home at night, he saw Della's short hair and was dumbfounded. Della took out the platinum chain she bought and planned to surprise Jim. She told him she had sold her precious long hair in exchange of a platinum chain as a present for him. Unexpectedly, Jim was even more overwhelmed. He too took out a Christmas present from his pocket. Della then opened the gift box and saw a set of combs with jewlled rims. Jim told her that he had sold his precious watch to buy this set of combs so she could comb her pretty long hair. Although Della had lost her beautiful long hair and Jim had lost his treasured watch, their hearts were filled with love. Despite a poverty-stricken life, they were wealthy in spirits. They thought for each other and were willing to sacrifice their treasures for one another. It is with such selfless giving and true love that they had the most joyful Christmas!

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