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The City Of Djinns

on the onset, which city does the abstract's title suggest. hmmmm... any guesses?
well from the look of it, one would point out a middle eastern city, quite living under the spell of a djinn or any other mystical yet intriguing creature human beings have invented.
LET ME BREAK THE ICE!!! (as a reader and a writer, i would ultimately have to!)
the city in focus is delhi, the capital of india.
the book has been written by an englishman namely, william dalrymple. however, the authors aborigine does not intrude with his account of the city's history, structure and dynamic culture. it is notably appreciable that entire book has been an unbiased and truly real observation of the ancient hub and its denizens. william dalrymple came to delhi in 1984 and was made to put up in an old corner of the city namely nizammudin from where his realm of experiences began.
being a travel- history book, the elements of delhi have been well studied. the walled city which was a significant portion of delhi and continues to be has been vividy described, especially its account before partition (1947). how the city was torn apart at the time of partition with muslims fleeing to pakistan and punjabis crossing the border and settling in delhi. much of the delhi we see today is the outcome of the toil and efforts of the punjabi refugees- be it the bazaar, colonies which were destroyed in the bloody division of the nation or even the industry flourishing in and out of the city. the gap between prior and post 1947 has been followed to the letter.
the author traces back the history of delhi to the mughal empire especially the time of its downfall when bahadur shah zafar was overthrown under the heavy hand of the british. if one is interested in knowing a "more" ancient description of delhi, one can pick this book up as it delves deeply into the roots of the modern day metropolis. its right here in the roots where the extraordinary aspect of a djinn relation sprouts up. as i see it, the author has made a beautiful attempt of linking delhi's history to its present and future and has been successful in it. the book has a wonderful factor to it which makes it enthralling, in contrast to other history books. conclusion: the book is amazing for two types of populace: delhites or the people living in delhi and the visitors or to put it rightly- the tourists!!!

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