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The Broker
(John Grisham)

After going through The Firm, The Pelican Brief and The Summons, I decided that I had enough with John Grisham's lawyers on the run. But when I heard that Grisham's latest offering, The Broker was about a power broker on the run, I decided to see if anything has changed. Unfortunately, nothing's changed!!

The Plot
Joel Blackman, a one time lawyer and one time power broker is in the jail after pleading guilty to charges levelled against him by the US government. He has a 14 year term to fulfill, but surprisingly is given a state pardon after 6 years in the office by the outgoing President at the behest of the CIA.

The CIA plant Blackman in Italy and go to the routine of hiding him there. But they have ulterior motives. They are interested in a dark secret that Blackman holds and are willing him to be killed by others who want that secret to find out about it.

Blackman gets the wind that he himself must plot his escape from Italy and back to his home and somehow earn his freedom. So the lawyer turned broker runs from the CIA and all other chasing pack and lands back in US in an attempt to broker himself out to trouble again.

What is the broker's dark secret? Does he succeed in get himself out of trouble? Who want to kill him? Check out all these in John Grisham's latest offering The Broker.

Critic's Viewpoint
The John Grisham story mill continues. Another lawyer, another goose run by the lawyer, the whole world scheming against him, but the lawyer is smart enough to fool anyone else in the world.

So what if the people being fooled are the CIA or Mossad which is reputed to be the best of the investigative organizations the world over. Grisham's Blackman is one better than all of them and that too with a simple run by changing trains and buses and bit of hairstyles. Who is John Grisham kidding or is that the kind of audience he wants to cater to.

As far as story telling goes Grisham has a decent style and keeps the story moving fast. But the storyline is too weak and is too unbelievable and the fast pace does not add much value to the story.

Grisham's previous novels like The Client and The Firm were decent in that the stories had some novelty about them and thus turned out to be bestsellers. But having used the theme again and again without much change and novelty, he has made the whole thing stale.

Grisham's latest effort can be better left on the bookshelf itself. A forgettable affair.

I would give this book a 2 star rating.

PS: Taken from review published earlier at http://www.epinions.com/content_214253014660

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