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En Attendant Godot - Waiting For Godot
(Beckett, Samuel)

"Waiting For Godot" is a discourse into the senseless nature of man's universe, as Mr. Beckett chose to illustrate with this piece. Two men wait incessently for the arrival of a being they refer to as Godot. The play, in two identically structured acts, attempts to detail the power and virtue of hope in the face of an uncaring and irrational universe.

Vladimir and Estragon are described as the two main characters, whom, in each act, are visited in turn by the extravagant pozzo and his unfortunate slave, ironically named Lucky, and a messanger boy from the mysterious Godot.

The conflict encountered by these two main characters can be described as metaphysical and physical conflicts, resepectively illustrated by Vladimir's trend toward complex thought and the constant worrying over his hat, and Estragon's consistency of concern with bodily ailments and his boots.

With the passage of time described by the life cycle of the tree the characters wait under, Beckett attempts to describe a seemingly senseless array of events that happen to them, with no definate beginning or end; the continuity of their plight permeated by the desire to keep waiting, which can be identified as Hope. It is thus how we can percieve from Beckett's work that the one sensible human attribute that holds this universe together is the profoundly human condition of Hope.

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