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(Robert Dallek)

I picked up this book of KENNEDY at a local bookshop: waded through the
prose and found some news that was surprising and new!

I found the gloss and the froth of the Kennedy Era both flashy and praiseworthy!
Especially the views on the Kennedys being America's Catholic Family:
Certainly in my young life - I was only 17 when JFK was assassinated - that
was the key to all the success in Political Life in Ireland and obviously in

News about the strength of the Irish American Link became apparent: interestingly
Kennedy had visited Ireland during his young life: the portraits of his beautiful
wife: Jackie : with children, are still a delight to the eye/
witness: the devoted crowds from the balcony scene well illustrated in the

For students of Politics there is much to digest and the writer delivers a
strong narrative throughout the long and winding road from Glamour to

The family life of Kennedy obviously played a pivot role in JFK's success and
his Presidency is strongly linked with Eastern Europe of that gray suit/1960's
time in history; for me the man is much talked about throughout my life
and some would say /Who needs another book on Kennedy/ well, obviously
the updated style and the modernisms lend this criticism obsolete!

My all time favourite reminescence is of John Kennedy's view that:
he got his Religion from Rome but his Politics were American!

A GOOD READ and lean back into the easy chair, I would suggest,
before you start and before you finish reading this massive book:
KENNEDY - An Unfinished Life : by Robert Dallek: The No: 1 International Bestseller
A Profile In Courage/New York Times!

With me a profile in political struggle with international appeal.

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