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The Pelican Brief
(John Grisham)

?The Pelican Brief?ByJohn, Grisham?An abstract?
?Run baby run if you know what?s good for you.? Cut your hair, dye
what?s left of it pitch black, and hope like crazy that the hit man who
killed the two supreme court justices don?t pick you off the wall like
a pesky fly. What?s it like to be followed? What?s it like to hide, and
become somebody even you don?t know just to stay alive? That is the
question some nosy reporters would like to ask Darby. After all Darby
wrote the famous Pelican Brief. The brief was a simple document lining
up people, events, litigation, and ultimately who killed Supreme Court
Justices Rosenburg, and Jensen. They were two men living abstract
unconventional lives that simply did not support the life of an average
citizen who seldom if ever got into legal trouble. Why would such a
beautiful girl have to run for her life? What if the president of the
United States was one of the bad guys, and yet what if he is not?
Grisham makes the point that money can?t buy love, and ultimately
cannot buy power. Life on the run is not fun. It?s hard work, and in
it?s own bizarre way lonely and terrifying. Darby Shaw?s only
friend in the end turns out to be Grey Granthum of The Washington Post.
But even his careless, gun -toting ways can still get them killed. But
the real question is, will they get to the bottom of who hired the
famous Kamal, and second -rate hotshots before Grey manages to get them
both killed? Will he ever stop parking illegally? Will Darby forgive
him for all the mess- ups when it comes to meeting with her. Just how
far will Grey go to get a front page story for the post, or will
Darby?s life slip to the forefront? Will he ever be able to keep his
job, and carry on with a new budding relationship with a girl on the
run? Perhaps reading Darby?s Brief, The Pelican Brief holds the key to
all of these heart- pounding questions. .

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