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Create Your Personal Space
(p.naga prasad)

Create Your personal space
Building a private
sanctuary,a very person alised corner,within your home
which is meant exclusively for you is a good idea and this
will harness good feng shui for your personal growth. This
would meand aligning your personal chi with the chi of your
environment,so that the enrgy flow in oyour sanctuary is
both harmonious and well-balanced. The energy should be
conducive to your efforts at creative thinking and being
productive in evry aspect of your life. Follow a these
simple guidelines when creating your special took and
corner,your?own? fengu shui friendly private sanctuary.
Identify your lucky directions based on your ?Kua?
number. Identify your lucky element. Select a part of
your home that coincides with the directin that,is best
suited for your personal development. If a storeroom,or a
toilet already occupies this part of the house,it suggests
that there will be a certain amount of negative efffect on
your personaldevelopment luck. Don?t let this discourage
you! Use a Feng Shui acure in that area to nullify that
negative effect. You can if you wish,repaeat the above
exercise either in your bedroom or using the living
room,identifying the corner of that room that corrrresponds
to your personal development direction. Your sanctuary can
thus be a very special corner in either of these rooms.
Mark out thespace,and symbolically purify it using incense
and or by riging the ?AUM?bell. This will clear the space
of anypast luingering energies. Decorate the selected
corner in colors tht are hurmonious with the element of the
corner. Thesecolours can be reflected as colours on the
wall,carpets,furnishings,cushions or art decorative
objects. The choice is your based on your own aesthic
sense. Use flowers andplants to bring in lively,healthy
chi. Display your medals and awards here. Put up
pictures,photographs or paintings that inspire you.
Finally, as as possible you should use your private
sanctuary ass just that, a sanctuary where you will do your
best thinking. This should also be the place for you to
study,meditate and plan. Sit facing you best directins to
receive excellent emergies.

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