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How To Be Like Walt (disney)
(Pat Williams)

A Great Book on the Life of Walt Disney
Pat Williams is one of those influential writers who take charge of any writing assignment after a lot of research and every work is really admirable. This book is based on more than a thousand interviews. It is an inspiring biography of one of the most influential and beloved figures of the 21st century ? Walt Disney, known in most of the homes in the world.
It is a very enjoyable book to read. It is difficult to put it down once you start reading. It is really a fitting tribute to Walt?s memory and an important contribution to the Disney legacy. Disney teaches you optimism in life, imagination in creation, leadership in business, integrity in relations, commitment to excellence and qualities of boldness and perseverance, and most of all a complete faith in God about your success.
The book takes an honest but positive look at the man behind the myth. The book tries to capture the real magic of a brilliant personality. The is involved in Disney?s life with great enthusiasm and considers him his mentor. He loved the man and wanted to explore about his life as much as he could. He has written on the influence of his parents on the personality of Disney. We discover what drove Disney, how he learnt from his failures, how he lived with his negative like all others and how he won despite of heavy odds against him. The writer says that the world would be a poorer place if it hadn?t been for just one Walt Disney. And the writers also wishes to be remembered for making the world better lie the Disney did.
The book tells the story of Disney through the eyes of the people who knew him and admired his accomplishments. Disney was the man who shaped the lives of many people with the sheer force of his personality and his work. He has become an immortal figure of the history. In brief, it is a very inspiriting book and we can learn a lot from the great man. It will have a wonderful influence on your life and working environment.
How to Be Like Walt (Disney)
- book written by Pat Williams

Abstract by Anandrahi

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