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Leadership Wisdom From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
(Robin Sharma)

You know, I was very happy to have been able to review this book. Robin Sharma is a Toronto-based self-improvement and management consultant that is becoming very well known internationally.
Aside from having really good book titles, Robin also has some really good content in those books. I have already read this book's predecessor, which is called: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, so let me give you some back-ground.
These fiction books are about a fast-living lawyer that goes to live with monks in the Himalayas to seek enlightenment after a sudden heart attack. Now, he's returned, long flowing robes and all, in order to spread the word to friends of what he'd learned about visionary leadership in business and success in life.
The story line shares certain rituals about this success. In the first few rituals you'll learn how to make your workplace a better place to be. What good does it do your company if everyone hates you and the place they work? Trust me: It doesn't help you. You might just find that your greatest resource is your people and this book could help you unlock their potential.
The rest of the rituals are about things to do for yourself, or change about yourself that will help you bring your operations to new levels. If you've read this far, then maybe this book has been brought to your attention just at the right time for you to be receiving it.
Lastly, I highly recommend spending a few hours on Robin's website: RobinSharma.com and take a look at his new book: Who Will Cry When You Die? Both are VERY impressive

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