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Wat It Is Masonry
(Vitor Santos)

What it is Masonry? The Masonry is in general terms an association of people who preserve between itself fraternity principles. Beyond occulting its knowledge in the interpretation of the symbols and emblems. The Maçons is reunem in Store and each maçônica Store possesss a Lider, that is elect enters the members of this Store, being this treating for Venerable Master. The masonry, as we know it today, according to Dictionary of the Masonry, of Joaquin Gervásio de Figueiredo, in verbete Franc-masonry, was established in 24 of June of 1717, in London. The term maçom, according to exactly Dictionary, provém of the English mason and the Frenchman maçon, that it wants to say mason, and of the German metz, rock cutter. The origin of the masonry is on to legends of Ísis and Osíris, Egypt; to the cult the Miter, come until the Order of the Templários and the Pink Fraternity Cross. In 1723, the Rev. Anglicano James Anderson published the Constitutions of the Masonry today, being until universally accepted documents as base of all the maçônicas store. The Masonry, Universal Order, are constituted by men of all the races and nationalities, received for initiation and congregated in Store, in which, assisted for symbols and alegorias, they study and they work for the perfectioning of the Society Human being. It is established in the Fraternal Love and the hope of that, with love the God, to the native land, the family and the next one, with tolerance and wisdom, the constant and exempts inquiry of the Truth, with the evolution of the human knowledge for the philosophy, sciences and arts, under the triad of the Freedom, Equality and Fraternity and inside of the Principles of the Moral, the Reason and Justice, the world reach the happiness generality and the universal peace. Of this statement one deduces that: The Masonry proclaims, since its origin, the existence of a Creative Principle, which, in respect to all the religions, calls Great Architect of the Universe; it does not impose limits to the inquiry of the truth and, to guarantee this freedom, it demands of all the biggest tolerance; it is accessible to the men of all the races, classrooms and beliefs, it wants religious wants politics, excepting the ones that deprive the man of the conscience freedom, of the manifestation of the thought, restrict the rights and the dignity of the person human being and demand unconditional submission; beyond fighting the ignorance in all its modalities, the following program consists in a school, imposing itself: to obey the democratic laws of the Country; to live ditames of the honor according to; to practise justice; to love the next one; to work for the progress of the man. The Masonry proíbe quarrel religious-sectária politician-partídaria and in its Temples; it adopts the Book of the Law, the Esquadro and the Compass, considered as its Three Emblematic Lights, that will have to be on the Altar of the Oaths, proclaims, also, the following principles: I - to love the God, the Native land, the Family and the Humanity; II - to practise the beneficence, in discrete way, without humiliating; III - to practise maçônica solidarity, in the causes jousts, fortifying the fraternity bows; IV - to defend the individual rights and guarantees; V - to consider the allowed and worthy work as to have of the man; VI - to demand of its members good moral, civic, social and familiar reputation, fighting for the perfectioning of the customs; VII - to demand tolerance stops with all form of manifestation of conscience, religion or philosophy, whose objectives are to conquer the truth, the moral, the peace and the corporate property; VIII - to fight for the principle of the fairness, giving to each one what it will be just, in accordance with its capacity, workmanships and méritos; IX - to fight the fanatism, the passions, the obscurantismo and the vices. The maçônicos teachings guide its members if to dedicate to the happiness of its fellow creatures, not only because the reason and the moral imposes them such obligation, but also because this feeling of solidarity makes them brothers. Salmo of maçons is the 133 and in the opening of its works the reading of the Biblia is made ?which remains open during the meeting. Vitor Santos is writer and researcher author of some articles [email protected]

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