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The Love Is Only Real (só O Amor É Real)
(Brian L. Weiss, M. D.)

Tenderly he holds her to his hand for the first time. The memory of
this touch runs the infinite, exceeds the time. it is boasted for the
universe. He looks at she in the eyes and instinctively she recognizes
it of remote ages. He can not recognize her immediately, but its arms
if arrepiam and everything more beyond loses the importance? When
both recognize none vulcao will be able to contain in such a way furor,
as much passion. So great the energy that is set free. It swims in the
world is impediment to come out it of as many emotions! The
Love is only Real - the history of a couple counts that the same did
not know and made therapy with doctor, in alternated days, therefore,
the two had been never seen. Working with regressive therapy, the
Dr Brian made to remember them other lives. And in one of these,
Palestine, their narrations if incase perfectly, for the historical
time, the details, the names, etc. Peter was almost finishing the
treatment and would go to come back to his Land, Mexico. He was well
calmer, but he had not found his great love. Elisabeth, coming of
failed relationships, although the expressivas improvements,
instinctively continued if to protect of the men. The Dr. Brian
never had worked with similar people who did not know themselves in the
present life. Studying its passed histories, it perhaps understood that
they had been together, in many lives. The memories of Peter and
Elisabeth were established connection in special way. Its descriptions,
events, names, all vine to confirm the suspicion? They had been father
and daughter in Palestine distance to the time of Jesus, There is 2000
years. Evolved minds more prepared theirs new meeting. A
cancelled flight, in which Elisabeth would travel, made with that the
two if found in the airport, Their looks if cross and everything comes
to light? The twin souls if meeting. Some days later when Elisabeth it
binds to the doctor Brian and it identifies the boyfriend, already are
gotten passionate!
alice martins

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