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The Libation-bearers

Tragedy. Second play of Aeschylus' Oresteia. Orestes, son of the nmurdered Agamemnon, secretly returns home. he lays a lock of his hair on the tomb of his father as an offering. Electra, his sister, coming by night to pray at the tomb, discovers the lock of hair. Orestes comes out of his hiding place and the two are reunited. He tells her his scheme to revenge his father. Orestes and his companions disguise themselves and ask for Clytemnestra, saying they bring news of the death of her exiled son. Clkytemnestra is grief-stricken at the news, but she sends for Aesgisthus that he may also hear the news. Orestes lures him into the house and stabs him. He then confronts his mother and, despite her pleas for mercy, drives her into the house todie beside her lover. The bodies of the slain are then disclosed. Orestes prepares to depart for the temple of Apollo at Delphi to claim exemption from the crime of matricide, but as he does so he feels the avenging Furies gathering to torment him asnd rushes out wildly.

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