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The Savage Detectives
(Roberto Bolaño)

Title: The Savage Detectives/Los Detectives salvajes
Author: Robert Bolaño
Publisher: Anagrama
The Savage Detectives is a torrential text, of difficult classification. Formally it consists of three books: "Lost Mexicans in Mexico" (1975); II "The Savage Detectives" (1976 - 1996) with twenty-six chapters and III "The Deserts of Sonora? that add five hundred fifty and five pages.
Bolaño art craft ?Detectives? is comparable to so dense and extensive creations as ?Rayuela? of the Argentinean Julio Cortazar, or ?Paradiso? of Cuban José Lezama Lima. But unlike both literary monuments in ?Detectives? a powerful energy, a Big Bang of situations, voices, and scenes is generated.
?Mexicans Lost in Mexico? (1975), is kind of day a day account, the diary of Juan García Madero, 17 years and Law student in Mexico, D.F.. With certain literary vocation, García Madero joints a bizarre group of poets (?poetas real visceralistas?), headed by Arturo Belano and Ulises Lima.
This adolescent artist plays with sex, writes some poems and forgets his studies to search Cesárea Tinajero, a writer of the time of the Mexican revolution, following Belano and Lima. Arturo Belano is a skinny and long haired Chilean while Ulysses Lima seams to be a very drug addicted Odiseo.
Both are subjects of doubtful nature and unknown occupation. Sporadically they sale marijuana, to finance a tiny literary magazine called Lee Harvey Oswald.
The second book, ?The Savage Detectives? is a trip of twenty years, and deals with the eventful journeys of Belano & Lima, as desperate and lost as vital. It comes through 96 testimonies, monologues or voices that create a multiform web, a splendid game of mirrors, to the rate of a film of Tarantino, violent, ironic and amused.
?The Deserts of Sonora?, takes place from 1 of January to the 13 of February of 1976 and remands a tragic road movie. It deals with Belano and Lima search of the lost author across the Sonora deserts. But the reader gets much more than sand, sun and tequila.

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