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100 Love Sonnets
(Pablo Neruda)


                  MAGIC OF LOVE

when you walk alone, you meet someone
what we are seeing goes to our heart
they start on beating that instruct your tongue
to say something HELLO!.
it will be become the starting of friendship.

Your frienship will go dating.
after couple week, month and year.
you feel deeper and deeper from your heart
we called a magic of love.

what ever happens your relationship you will be strong.
how far you are both of you, time will come
the nature find a way to meet in some how
each of one has destiny in our life.

when you fall in LOVE someoneno one can stop it
you will  follow  to your heart beat.

because of this feeling two people become one
they unite in the eye of GOD
they decided to get married
becuse of this baby was born.


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