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Free Download Wimpy Flv Player

Wimpy's new free FLV player is really the best FLV player I've seen so far. It shows videos sharper than other FLV players and it doesn't pause for a few seconds everytime you click something. And lets not forget the added benefit of being able to watch videos from youtube or any of the other video sites without having to access the internet. Now I know there are many people out there who don't have a clue on what I'm talking about so why don't I explain.
First: What is an FLV ?
FLV means Flash Video and FLV players are used to show videos over the internet. Now what wimpy's offering is a standalone flv player. This means you download it onto your computer on your desktop. From there open any FLV file with it. 

How do I get FLV files?
That's easy! If you don't have firefox I suggest you download it for free at firefox's website. Do you have Firefox now? GOOD! Moving on. Firefox has a plugin called download helper. What this great plugin does is capture the video on the page. When its downloaded you'll see 3 little balls on the top right hand corner of your browser. When you go on a page with a video these balls will start flashing. Click on the little arrow by its side and click the first file. You are now downloading the video on the page! Cool isn't it? Works on youtube, crunchyroll and any other video site. After your video's downloaded you can watch it anytime you like by opening it with wimpy's FLV player. Enjoy!

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