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Him And Her
(Mc Coy)

What can happen when a girls imagination gets the best of her...
One night a girl and her boyfriend decide it''s time to meet his parents, but as he''s driving his car, she starts to shake.

"Hey. Baby. Are you okay?" the boy asks when arriving to a stoplight.

"Yeah. I''m fine sweetie." she lies. The girl thought it would be impossible for him to believe her, but she thinks he does, and he continues driving.

He pulls into an AM/PM to fill up on gas, and gets her and him a coffee. When the tank filled and they get back on the road, she suddenly spills her coffee all over herself, and her face turns bright red. They start laughing.

In the mist of the laughter, the girl swears she hears her boyfriend say, "What are you so damn scared of?! My parents don''t f*ucking bite!"

"NOTHING! I just don''t want to be hated by them." She hears herself say.

The driving continues in silence. With nothing more than a whisper, the girl says, "I thought you loved me? We made love in my bed. You gave me a ring, but now you treat me like sh*t. Something has changed. You''ve changed."

He used to be loads of fun, but now he''s been getting angry at you for no reason, and has hit you a few times.

He pulls the car over.

She notices that there is no road, no houses, no life. He starts to yell at her, "You little son of a bitch!! Nothing has changed! I''m no different then when you first met me! You were just so focused on f*ucking me, that you didn''t notice!" He slaps her across the face and swears at her some more.

Like a ghost, his temper disappears and he gets back onto the freeway, as though nothing happened.

Being as scared as she was, the girl crawled into the back seat of the car and pulls out her cell phone. As quiet as possible, she texts her best friend and tells her what just happened, and pleaded her to call the cops, then goes back up to the front seat.

"Hey baby, why do you have a red mark across your beautiful face?" the boyfriend asks.

"WHAT!! Why the f*ucking hell would you need to ask that you mother f*ucker! You did it! You''re the reason for all of my marks and bruises!!" she yells.

"Babe, I think you need to settle down. You know I would never put a harmful finger on your skin. I love you."

"Pull over!! Pull the F*UCK over!!! NOW!!" she yells, then the car slowly comes to a stop at the side of the freeway. "Mother F*ucker! You just stopped the car a few miles back and beat the living sh*t out of me! Don''t act all innocent now bitch! You f*ucked it all up! You beat me every night! You even beat me when we''re having sex! I''m out of here!" she says then starts to walk away.

He runs after her yelling, "Wait! Baby! Why would I ever wanna lay a harmful hand on you? I love you and would never treat you badly! I just wanted you to meet my parents, and then I had a surprise for you! Don''t forget how much I love you!!" Then he gives up and lets her go, and gets back in his car.

Like a gentleman he gives his girlfriend her space to collect her thoughts, but he can''t help but think something was seriously wrong. Not just with him, but something was troubling her more than normal, so he turns the car around to look for her.

"Who the hell does he think he is? He has no right to hurt me!" the girl says as she''s walking down the freeway.


"Come on honey, I can shake you all night long! *HAHAHA*" says a guy driving by in a Mercedes Benz.

"F*UCK YOU!" says the boyfriend as he drives up next to the girl. "She''s mine!"

The guy continues driving, but the boyfriend slows down to his girlfriend''s walking pace. "Honey, I''m so sorry for anything that I did wrong. I can''t stand being without you. 30 seconds away fnd never want to loose you." He says this from the bottom of his heart.

"I love you too, but you''re too aggressive even when I don''t do anything wrong." she says, her pace picking up.

"I''ll get some help. I''ll go see a shrink. I''ll do anything just to stay with you baby. I never want to see you walk out. I''d probably die without you by my s--" His loving words got cut off when a drunk truck driver runs right over the Lamborghini.


"F*UCK! You''ll pay you mother f*ucker!!!" the girl yells after the truck driver. She runs out onto the street and screams when she finds nothing left of her boyfriend. Nothing but a thirty thousand dollar wedding ring and a note.

"With all the love in my heart, I will love you until the day that I die. Nothing but death itself can tear my love away from you. Will you marry me?"

When the ambulance showed up, the girl was standing next to the Lamborghini with a broken piece of the mirror, and told them all one thing. "If he can''t be here with me to see me grow old, then at least we can see each other in heaven." and slits her throat.

Later, the cops showed up and found and ring and a note. They read the note that was written in bright blue ink and at the very bottom they realized something in pink ink. "I loved him more than what was shown. Not even death could tear us apart. Yes, I''ll marry you, but I guess it will have to be in heaven with nothing more than our love surrounding us.

If you?re wondering, the girl didn?t want an abusive boyfriend, but her thoughts and fears got the best of her and made her believe that he was abusive, causing the bruises and marks.

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