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The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success
(Deepak Chopra)

Deepak Chopra, the modern-age
Guru, reveals the Mantra of Success in his book ?The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success?.
This knowledge can be a key to achieving success in our every endeavor.

Success is a continuous expansion
of happiness. Success includes many things ? material abundance, good health,
fulfilling relationships, creative freedom and peace of mind. Success is experiencing
the divinity within us.

Certain laws help us to achieve
success effortlessly and harmoniously. Law is a process, which transforms the
un-manifest to manifest. Divinity is the source, which gets created into
physical world, through the action of our mind.

The author explains the essence
of each law and how one can apply the same in one?s life to achieve the desired

The Law
of Pure Potentiality

We are essentially pure
consciousness. We are part of universal field of energy, which is infinite and
unbounded ? the pure potential.

Usually we live a life influenced
by external things. The result is fear; need to control; and seeking approval. To
overcome this, we have to realize that our true self is not the external things
but the internal pure consciousness.

To access this field of unlimited
potential, practice silence, meditate and commune with nature. Be
non-judgmental. You can then enjoy its? infinite creativity, freedom and bliss.


The Law
of Giving

This energy must flow, it cannot
be static. The continuous exchange of energy happens through giving and
receiving. Only by giving you make yourself ready to receive. Give with the
intention of making someone happy. And it will come back to you; many times

Everyday, everyone you meet gift
him with your love, affection, appreciation and prayer. Receive gifts of nature
will all gratitude.


The Law
of ?Karma? or Cause & Effect

Each moment or situation, we are
making choices. Though the universe offers infinite choices, our reactions to
things are usually conditioned choices. We must move towards conscious
choice-making. To make the right choice, we must listen to the signals from the
heart, which gives a comfort feeling if the choice is right.Always be aware of each moment of
making choices. Be guided by the heart to make meaningful choices.


The Law
of Least Effort

Pure Consciousness works with
effortless ease, harmoniously and spontaneously. Least energy is expended when our
actions are in harmony with the nature and motivated by love. Ego consumes and
wastes lots of energy. This energy, when freed, can be used to create abundance.

Do not impose your feelings on
any thing. Accept every situation, every moment and every circumstance. Have a
creative response to them, instead of cribbing or blaming someone, including you.
Refrain from every time defending your viewpoint and actions. Resistance is a wasteful


The Law
of Intention and Desire

This universe is nothing but
movement of energy and information. We all are also small bundles of energy and
information. We can consciously change the energy and information content
through ?attention? and ?intention?. Since everything connects and correlates
with everything else, intention has infinite flexibility.

Slip into silence and release
your intention and wait for the blooming. Relinquish attachment to the outcome.
Let universe handle the details.


The Law
of Detachment

Attachment to things causes
anxiety and fear of loss. We constantly seek security, which essentially is
attachment to something ?known? or which is past. This traps us into past
conditioning and we stop our evolution. If we are detached from the outcome, we
learn to accept the unknown, which is the source of infinite possibilities and
personal growth.

Detachment does not mean lack of desire
or goal, but letting go the anxiety of the outcome. It is freedom from thinking
how things ?should? be. It is the willingness to accept infinite creativity of the


The Law
of ?Dharma? or Purpose in Life

All beings in this universe have
a unique talent. Expression of that talent and how it can help the humanity is
the purpose of Life.

We have to discover our true
self. What is it that makes us truly happy? How can we use our unique talent
for the good of others? This leads to unlimited abundance of wealth and


Everything from the atom to the
cosmos is an expression of divinity or intelligence, which operates the seven
spiritual laws. By putting these laws into practice we can create all the
success we want.

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