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Spiderwick Chronicles 1-5
(Tony DiTerlizzi, Holly Black)

These books were the best books ever! Once i opened the book i literally could not put it down!!!!!! If you haven''t read this series, I highly reccomend you do!Because it has such a thrilling adventure that seems so real that you can hear the Unicorns breath and smell the Ogre''s breathe.You could really see the excitement in my eyes as i read these books. they were just the best books I''ve ever read in my life!!!!!!!! i hope you enjoy them as much as I did, and you can feel as though you can just reach out and pat the Unicorn''s flank, or swim with the nixies! The creatures had beautiful descriptions and the story behind it all is just tremendous!!!!!!!! You absolutley, positivley have to read this ''must read''! Which i might add is being formed into a movie as I type, and you read! It will be released into theatres 2008!!!!! If the book is GREAT the movie has got to be good!!!!

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