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My Story

    I meet my first love when I was in high school. I meet him when I'm 2nd year high school. I'm a new student to that Public school. And at the age of 14 years old I fall in love to that person. I know that I must be too young for that matter, but I cant teach my heart when is the right time to feel that kind of feelings. My relationship with that man is take for a long year. Were been together for almost five years. I'm so glad when my 18th birthday comes to my life, because he is there to the celebration of my birthday. But sad to say after my one year I and my boyfriend decide to separate our life. He found another girl in his college school. And one time I saw them in one mall at the Alabang, They are so happy and I saw to the face of my boyfriend that he was happy to that girl. So I decide to let him go and free with another women. After a couple of months I meet one nice guy that help me to forget my boyfriend. Its been a year that I'm happy with that man until one day we decide to live in. We live together for two years. And at the year of 2005 God gave us a baby. I'm so happy when I discover that I'm pregnant. But after two months my baby was die. It so heart for both of us, especially to my husband. He cry when my baby was die. And because of that things was happen, my relationship with my husband was broke. He start to use a drugs, and he is always drunk.      The time comes that my parent get angry with him. But my husband want to prove that he loves me so much and I feel those things. And in the sad part of my life story I decided to forget him and leave him. Because I don't want to go my husband to the jail. I obey my parents for the good sake of my husband. I sacrifice my own feelings for him just to make sure that he is free and he can do whatever he wants.     And now that he is free and I think he is also happy with his new wife. I'm always praying to God that He will guide them in all times of his life in this world.    My message to him: I just want to say sorry for everything. I leave you because I love you. Thats the only way that I can do for you on that time. Now that I finish my study I feel how much I miss you. But I know that its too late for us.     To all readers: Hope that all of you like my short love story of my life. Thanks for reading it. And I hope that it could help some of your problem in love life.     Thank you very much and God bless.

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