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Great Expectations
(Charles Dickens)

Great expectations can be considered as one of the finest victorian novels ever written. Although it is not exactly Charles Dickens''s finest masterpiece, it could be said to be one of his greatest works. The novel has a very good start, the kind of start that throws the reader into the story line with prodigious suspense and anticipation. Many critics claim that Dickens was a master at dialogue but was not very good at prose but with Great Expectations one finds that the veracity of such claims is questionable. Charles Dickens guides the reader through the novel with a variety of techniques. He introduces humour scenes just when it seems the novel is no longer intresting and when the storyline seems too straight, the reader is suddenly confronted with an unexpected twist. Like most victorian novels, the information contained in great expectations will be difficult for first time readers to understand. I myself had to read the book at least twice. Every character that is portrayed in the book has an essential part to play in supporting the plot and maintaining the storyline. Although this may not seem immediately obvious after reading the novel. Great expectations is actually a sattire that criticizes the contemporary legal system of victorian England. Should anyone require information about the legal system in England during victorian times I would recommend Great Expectations as a very important research tool. I finish this abstract by drawing the conclusion that any serious lover of english literature must not depart this world without reading Great Expectations. 

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