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Watching The English: The Hidden Rules Of English Behaviour
(Kate Fox)

The book "Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour" is written by social anthropologist Kate Fox. Being an insightful English the author reveals all  the peculiarities of daily life in U.K. The entertaining book provides with  plenty of detailed examples of situations where the real Englishness reveals. For the sake of the reader''s convenience the book is devided in two major parts: Part one: Conversation CodesPart two: Behaviour CodesThis system gives a unique opportunity to explore most common situations where foreigners may face some misunderstandings while communicating with locals. The book encompasses all typical-for-English issues such as talking about  the weather, Engilsh humour, linguistic peculiarities (pronouncation and certain words that may reveal belonging to certain social class). The observations are amusing, intriguing and written in eloquent way. The author uses the way of gentle humour to reveal  the  English oddities, their attitudes toward  themselves and others. For those who want to check some special issues the book provides a convenient  index.

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