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Since time immemorial  there has been warfare ,and no one has ever thought of the negativity of War in the world.
Why is it  that every answer to the question is in the sense of a fight? Man is divided against himself . There are civil wars, national wars and world wars permeating the air.
Civil wars are possible when citizens? of the same country fight among themselves for their own caste or creed. National war is in terms of a fight for the nation?s security and valor against any one. World war is fought between countries. Like India at war with Pakistan ,or Russia at war with America.
All sorts of battlements have led to the ruin ,and devastation of mankind . Be it a war among the same citizens with a different cast to follow, or world war of any sort ? the net result of it is destruction. No doubt this kind of war involves accumulation of power and dictatorship, but it has deprived people their lives at the cost of wealth and power. Take the example of Hitler in the 1940?s ? what happens to him when he is on the verge of defeat? Why does he act as a mad man in the end of his everlasting rule over the world?
The wish to conquer the world makes  him do atrocious acts of injustice which he does not care for.  His only preoccupation is  with enhancement of power, and he doesn?t  want anyone to be above him. His thought of empire building makes me seize over countries to begin his imperial rule there. He is remembered as a cruel man in history who would give orders to murder people without any reason at all. Such is his reputation and until now people feel intimidated by his manner and physiognomy.
Alexander the great is the man who sets out on an expedition to conquer the world, and in his fervent delight he captures lands and territories crosses miles to vanquish kingdoms ,and countries, but he  too has  to accept defeat.
Thus history is full of instances in which nations fight against nations, there is mass destruction and devastation, countries appear to be wastelands. The weapons of mass destruction have played havoc with human lives. As the bomb explodes devouring the building into a heap of gritty pieces and rubbles .There is fume of  fire diffusing the air. The perfect scene ,the background of the building   is lost to ashes in a second ? nothing remains. Life is lost .
 Bombing or murdering people through some other means is an abominable crime that will make this world an infernal hell. The crime itself is execrable , and the people who do it should be hanged.
There are better means to resolve the matter than by just one thing ? that is combat or a war.
This world is a beautiful place created by god and we don?t have the right to play god in this world, by using weapons of mass destruction we not only destroy the world but also incur god?s wrath.
So it is better to absolve the problem in a peaceful friendly talk, negotiating with one  other to come to a verdict about the matter at hand?this is the way to go about with it ,and this is the way to lead a happy peaceful life away from conspiracy and hatred.

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