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Set A Theif - To Catch A Theif

FBI agents trying to track down an anonymous Myspace user who was threatening to blow up a school used spyware to trap him.Fifteen years old student Josh Glazebrook had the surveillance software sent to him by government agents after he threatend " Timberline Highschool near seattle , USA " .The FBI described the software that was used a s " computer and internat protocol address verifier." The spy ware program, which is known as CIPAV, logs the followings:

*The computer''s IP address
*The MAC address
*The person''s username
*The last URL visited
*A list of opened ports
*Computer programmes that are running
*The operating system
*Computer''s registered owner
The use of spyware is not yeat widespread among law enforcement agencies,but there have been occasions when the crime fighting authorities have used malware to there advantage .There are genuine concerns about law-enforcement agencies using malware to gather evidence of criminal activity,but people supporting the use of spyware to monitor possible criminal behavior often compares it to tapping a suspect''s phone line .However ,there''s difference between tapping a phone line and installing malicious code on a user''s computer can be copied ,archeived, adopted and potentially used by people who do not work for the authorities to spy on completely innocent victims.Glazebrook pleaded guilty to felony harassment , making bomb threats and identity theft.  

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