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Gift Of Insult
(Kurien Vergese)

Kurien Vergese, the pioneer of Indian dairy industry started his career on a very interesting note. While in London, he read following lines in a newspaper: " In terms of presence of bacteria, sewer water of London was safer than Indian milk." Kurien was disturbed by it and returned to his country. He started small milk collection centers in rural Gujarat. Villagers will collect milk at one place which will then be sent to cities. This gave a source of income to poor people. The movement expanded gradually and in time bigger milk processing centers were opened. Rest is detail. Today India is among top ten milk and milk product exporting countries of the world. Lacs of people has got employment. That is a good example we can react to things. A quotation in the book, a comment by a neighbor, a movie scene or a deceiving friend may turn out to be a teacher. We need to keep the windows of mind to learn from every situation.

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