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Feel It To Live It.
(youssef johny.)

ladies and gentelmens , the education of the key upcoming  production, it will be a war picture aiming more toward the fools that cause problems, just for their power of possession and spreading the wars and the hate inside the pople houses and they are using the name of the kingdom?, now these ones has to start handeing that big vibration from my world , the world of the lord , the kingdom of heaven.
i will be for ever the jet pilote of the lord , this jet that throw educations for the better, by the codes wich is called under the label (KEY). my future war, i will use the name FREEZE instead of war cause my style is not machines fight , it is more over that human creation stupidity , i will freese all the bads with the energy spread and the believe , then when i pass threw the maple court again and again i will ask for my KEY, to continue the right education , with my soul , i dont mind my body , i can be working all my life with this KEY , and i want you to have this knowledge for your future.
i am the PILOTE , whom from surfing the knowledge of this life , and the power of the kingdom, i am trying to hand this power to the one who desreve it , these power words are the key , everybody . now , this jet , my jet , your jet, we will give the right for the changes to a better days , beleive me with no wars.
i am representing my art , my style plus my langage wich is a LAW that you will understand more if you read it  twice and more.
 it is a life style with the believe that god gave us a brain connecting with 2 legs to walk, and 2 hands to write, cause you meant to write and build all our life.
now , this art,will force the human to get to form his soul on this planet for the gain of the future joy.

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