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On The Outs Of Canberra

I come
from Canberra, the capital of Australia. Just out of Canberra, on the way
to Sydney, there''s a huge lake, called "Lake George." These days, as
Canberra and it''s surrounding area is faced with one of it''s worst
droughts in years, you would never guess that not that long ago it was
filled with water, at times overflowing onto the road. Many people spent
fun summers fishing and swimming there, but not everyone had such happy
times. Many people lost their lives there, and there are stories
about ghostly sightings that go around Canberra. One of the best-known is
that if you drive past the lake George at night by yourself and look in
the rear-vision mirror, you''ll see someone sitting in the back seat of
your car. There have also been reports of ghost trucks and cars that drive
along the highway late at night when few cars are traveling

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