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I Heard That Song Before
(Mary Higgins Clark)

     Writing a mystery that keeps the reader guessing until the end is tough work.  Mary Higgins Clark portrays this well in "I Heard That Song Before".  Each chapter keeps the reader spellbound while trying to solve the murder of three characters.  Naturally all eyes are on the most wealthy man in town with unlimited resources for defending himself.  Clark demonstrates excellent talent capturing the readers attention by showing detailed events, surroundings, and emotions while solving the mystery of these three deaths.
    The reader learns early on that the details of events within each chapter add up to form a twisted tale.  It keeps the reader interested and wondering if the events are related or mean anything.  Clark uses sutle hints most of the way through the book, then shows how they all tie together to form the maze of events that led up to these deaths.
    Listing the surroundings in detail leaves the reader imagining how it would feel to be in the same situation, same place, and same life.  Just think of the enormous size of the Carrington estate.  This alone would leave any reader wondering how it would feel to have the world by the tail and have unlimited funds for whatever the heart desired.  Clark demonstrates all these details in every chapter. 
    Writing about others emotions and making the reader perceive the same emotion are tough instruments.  Clark conquerred this quest undefeated.  Kay, along with all the other characters fully leave the reader wishing for devine intervention.  No one should ever have such a horrible life as this. 
    Once the events, surroundings, and emotions were established, Clark continued throughout the book to intrigue the readers curiosity while establishing the best thought out mystery novel of all times. "I Heard That Song Before" leaves the reader both interested and at the same time wishing they could do something to change the events.  Talk about an emotional read, this book will keep the reader captivatied.

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