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The Firstborn Of Avi Family
(Dvora Omer)

We speak Hebrew in the same ease as we breathe. How many of us stopped to think what the Hebrew language is, how and when did it enter our lives (obviously it wasn''t there all along...), and how it rooted into a language spoken by a whole nation. In her book "The Firstborn of AVI family", the author, Dvora Omer, describes fluently, excitingly, and accurately the lives of the erasure of the Hebrew language - Eliezer Ben Yehuda - the man that devoted his life, and sacrificed his family for the Hebrew language. In the era where the spoken language was Yiddish and Hebrew was considered as the Torah language - a language that is so saint people should not speak it unless they are reading the bible - Ben Yehuda worked on his life-work, and devoted all his time and energy to writing a dictionary for the Hebrew language, inventing words, and introducing Hebrew. The lives of many people was ruined by this life-work, especially the lives of his own family: His children suffered from physical and mental abuse by other children who learnt from their parents that it is an abomination to speak Hebrew on the daily routine, they were forbidden to learn in schools and play in playground where they might hear or speak a language other than Hebrew. Later on, Ben Yehuda finished the "Yehuda Dictionary" for the Hebrew language, his firstborn-son Ben-Zion, who later changed his name to Itamar, became a known journalist and kept on his father work and struggle for the insertion of the language. And Hebrew, as we all know, got its validity and became the formal language in Israel. Eliezer Ben Yehuda can be considered as a brutal man, that caused his family much suffer, especially to his children, and sacrificed them for an idea, and was not a real dad for a single day. But the rejuvenation of the Hebrew language was an milestone in his life and we all make profit of this today (or might "loose" - as we all know "Hebrew is a tough language"...), one thing is sure - if Ben Yehuda heart how youngsters today speak in what was supposed to be the Hebrew language, he must had been rolling in his tomb. As like all Dvora Omers'' books, this book also is written fluently, interestingly, curiously, and in a high and clean language that would have made Eliezer Ben Yehuda and his son Itamar to be proud.

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