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The Diary·s In Bolivia
(Ernesto Guevara (Che))

   The roar of the arms that is grasped, they have not extinguished
his voice sing and clear, like one of the  importand and controversial
"humanitaristas" of the century XX.   The book contains the
impressions,feelings, ideas and hopes the last years of the life of
Ernesto Guevara. It is based on the annotations of Che, in his day to
day, by territories of Bolivia. In the book there is an introduction by
Fidel Castro and the preface by one of his son, Camilo Guevara; He
defines to his father like one person : consecuent, altruistic man and
whith one capacity of empathy very important. He has brings back to
consciousness of the which nobody could that to his father the desire
to live, says: The new man is not a drean, is sprout, sacrifice by the
others and by himself to grow and to live.

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