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Crescer É Perigoso
(Marcia Kupster)

That book is very creative, because the author decided to show in him that happens in the several people''s life. Lived by Gustavo Muramatso, a boy that counts his daily one in a notebook.  He was born in Brazil, but even so he has fame of being ?japoronga? and she always wanted to date with a girl of his/her called class Cláudia. Gustavo has very few friends, but in elapsing of the time she is going making new friends. After removing low note in history the teacher, called Gregório decided to pass a work and it put him/it in a stronger group, that in him had Cláudia, Adal, and more some people. In that work Cláudia fought with Adal and Gustavo was all happy because he is beautiful and like this he would have some chance with Cláudia. Dias then, during the class Gustavo hears Samir and Roger speaking that their birthdays were in the same month, September, then Gustavo interrupted and he said that it also completed in the same month of the two. After a lot of conversation the three decided to do a together party on September 25 to commemorate the three together birthdays. In the day of the party Gustavo decides to ask Cláudia in courtship, But in the day of the party while he danced super with Cláudia With the music romantic, the music stopped and they put the largest heavy sound then Cláudia ran for if I amused alone Gustavo soon you/he/she was with rage since then her went to dance coladinha with Adal. Gustavo arrived getting drunk. A long time later Adal is putting fire for everybody to leave the party and if I amused in the street. Cláudia is all lively. Even Gustavo it goes. In the street while Adal tried to pull a plate of ?it stops?, Cláudia screamed: --That legal! A gentleman saw that and he said that will call her polices, then everybody ran, but Gustavo as he had drunk a lot fell and he began to vomit and only Samir came to help him/her, from where he was he saw Cláudia and Adal laughing of him and still being hugged. The other day Samir and Cléa went to visit Gustavo and they were until late commemorating Gustavo''s birthday, he then noticed that in spite of everything he had truth friends. 

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