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Friends Season 7 Synopses

Monica and Chandler begin planning their wedding. Rachel gets a promotion in Ralph Lauren and hires an assistant, Tag, whom she begins dating after she tells him her true feelings at Thanksgiving at Monica''s. However, Rachel and Tag later break up when Rachel turns 30 and she feels she should be in a more serious relationship since Tag is significantly younger (he says he is afraid to turn twenty-five) and less mature.

Phoebe''s apartment is repaired, but has been converted back into a one bedroom (Phoebe''s grandmother had put up a wall to make it a two bedroom apartment) so Rachel continues to live with Joey.

Joey''s new show Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E. is cancelled but he is able to return to Days of Our Lives when his character, Dr. Drake Ramoray, gets a new brain from a character named Jessica Lockheart (Susan Sarandon) whom he ends up sleeping with throughout the episode. She is taken off the show by falling off a horse into an electric fence. Joey''s character then wakes from his coma.

The night before his wedding, Chandler gets scared and disappears. While he is gone, Phoebe and Rachel find a positive pregnancy test in Monica''s bathroom, and Phoebe assumes Monica is pregnant. Rachel makes Phoebe promise to not tell anyone what they have found. Phoebe and Ross find Chandler at his office (while Rachel keeps Monica distracted) and persuade him to come back, but Chandler overhears Phoebe and Rachel talking about Monica''s "pregnancy" and disappears again. He quickly returns on his own, however, and decides that a baby would not be so bad. Chandler and Monica get married with Joey as the minister courtesy of an internet church, but when Chandler tells Monica he knows about the baby, she says she is not pregnant, and it was not her pregnancy test that they found. Meanwhile Phoebe tells Rachel how excited she is about Monica''s pregnancy, Rachel slowly agrees looking very emotional. The camera then zooms in on her and she takes a deep breath. The audience is left with the question: "Could Rachel be pregnant?".

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