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Friends Season 2 Synopsys

Unaware that Rachel is in fact interested in him, Ross has started a relationship with an old friend, Julie, whom he met in China. Rachel does not take a liking to Julie because she is involved with Ross. While drunk, Rachel leaves a message on Ross'' answering machine telling him she''s over him. Ross hears the message and becomes confused over his own feelings. He and Rachel soon meet and kiss. Ross is unable to choose between Rachel and Julie and decides to make a pro and con list of both women. He decides he loves Rachel and breaks up with Julie. Unfortunately, Rachel discovers the list, becomes angry and rejects Ross. However, the friends eventually watch a video from Rachel and Monica''s prom where it seems Rachel''s prom date, Chip, has stood her up. The teenage Ross decides he will take her. While Ross is coming down the stairs in a tuxedo, Rachel runs off with Chip, who has arrived late. Ross looks shattered. Back in the present day, Rachel kisses Ross when she sees how sincere he is and they start dating.

Joey gets an acting job as Dr. Drake Ramoray on the soap Days of our Lives and earns enough money to move into his own apartment (leaving Chandler behind). Left on his own, Chandler gets a new roommate, Eddie, who is insane. When Joey states in an interview that he writes his own lines, the show''s writers kill off his character by making him fall down an elevator shaft. With no income, Joey moves back into Chandler''s apartment helping Chandler finally to get rid of the psychotic Eddie. Phoebe finds she has a half brother named Frank Jr. and they start building a relationship. Monica dates Richard Burke, an ophthalmologist and a friend of her parents who is twenty-one years older than she is, but they break up when Richard tells her he does not want to have children. When Chandler meets the woman he''s been talking to online he sees that it is his ex, Janice, and they kiss.

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