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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

A blockbuster fiction book that had the whole world running around the globe to see the places that were mentioned in the book.
The story starts when an elderly curator was found killed in Louvre Museum. His body found in a peculiar position of symbolism that leaves the Captain of the Central Directorate Judicial Police asking for the assistance of Harvard symbolist Robert Langdon. As Robert Langdon uncovers the symbols left by the late curator, he discovers that the curator was once part of a secret society called the Priory of Sion. Along with Sophie Neveu, not only that they needed to decipher the puzzles and symbols that will ultimately lead them to a historical truth which is so important that it will affect Catholic Church, they also are up against a faceless adversary determined to know the secret and expose it to the whole world.
2006 Movie that Roman Catholic Church urges their followers to boycott the film due to some controversial interpretation in Christian history. The film earned over US $224 Million worldwide.

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