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Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters
(Rick Riordan)

Once again, Percy Jackson thinks he may make it through the year without getting expelled. Once again, he''s wrong. When a gang of Laistrygonians arrive at school and start using balls of fire in the PT dodgeball game, Percy knows something is amiss. Thus the second book about Percy Jackson, son of Poiseidon, leaps into action.

Along with his ugly friend Tyson, Percy is catapulted back into the world of Greek Mythology where he is soon joined by his old companion Annabeth Chase from Camp Half-Blood, the summer camp for demi-gods.

Percy has to come to terms with several ugly truths, but soon enough he is off on another quest - this year without permission - and he doesn''t have much time to think.

Riordan skilfully blends Percy''s adolescent emotions with an epic quest, with fantastic results. The book has a theme of acceptance and family love that comes through strongly, without being soppy. We watch Percy as he begins to look at things through other people''s eyes, but at the same time are held in suspense over the doings of the evil sorceress Circe or the dangerously tempting wisdom of the Sirens.

Percy Jackson is a book for anyone to enjoy and , who knows, while you''re enjoying it you might even learn somethign about life - fantasy style.

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