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SUMMARY ON THE BIBLE KING JAMES VERSION AUTHOR 1500 HOLY SPIRIT INSPIRED MEN.               Even though the BIBLE is the word of God in written form, it may look surprising to find out that a whole book out of the 66 books of the bible does not mention any personality in the Trinity. It does not mention God, it does not mention Jesus Christ and it does not mention the Holy Spirit. This brings out a point to consider. The fact that God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit is not mentioned in a place does not mean that their presence does not exist in such places, or that they don?t control the activities of people in such places.             The book of Esther does not mention God, it does not mention Jesus and it does not mention the Holy Spirit. Yet the events and activities show that God fought for his people when they prayed to him. The Jews, believed to be Christians who worship the one true God, were faced with a threat from Haman the Haggagite, but they fasted and prayed. Even though it was not written that they prayed to God, the result of their fasting proved that they prayed to a Living God.             The bible is the greatest history journal ever in the world with both mysteries and simple events. But nothing that happens now is strange, because before the compilation of events put to make up the bible, such events existed. It?s just progressive events and more so some happenings are even prophecies that are now come to pass.             When looking at the arrangement of the bible, from B.C. to the A.C. period, it is clear that events from the B.C. were related to the A.C. events, or rather the A.C period were fulfilled prophecies from the B.C. period.             The bible covers every kind of persons in this world, it is not fictional. The bible talks about the poor, the riche, the sick, the sane, the wise and the foolish, the low and the high, the wealthy, the healthy and a lot more characters that we see today. It is therefore not possible to refer to the bible world as an old fashioned world, or history. Besides, some of the bible prophecies are what we see happening today, so noting separates this worlds and the B.C. world.             The bible too is a diary of all kinds of people, including those who may never have wanted their past to be brought to light. The bible is expository and also serves as a guide and manual to all races.             Just as the bible contains plain facts, it also contains riddles and hidden facts, some that requires putting one and two things together, others that are not bound to be revealed till a particular time.             The bible is not limited to a particular time, as are some manuals or world text books. The bible is rather live, because it tells past events and foretells future events and also addresses present events. Though written a long time ago, it still brings to light unclear issues of life, and solutions as well.             The bible is a health guide book, it?s a political check book, it is a geographical book, and as well a written video. It allows you to see events, not just read them. Taking the prophecy of the feud between Israel and Palestine, we are opportune to presently view writing is motion form.                   
             Talking of political aspect too the bible has more on political issues including coup. So it?s not uneven to say that there are some reoccurrences from the past, only in a modified way. And this modification is normal and can be seen all the way from the first man to the continuous man, man probably has no last, so says the bible. The bible talks about continuous existence.             The bible is life, not like a text book that covers limited aspect, and whereas text books cannot prove some bible facts, the bible proves every other written texts book. Or rather, every other written text books has some base in the bible.             This makes the bible a unique, live wire.                                                    Write your abstract here.

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