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The Upstairs Room
(Johanna Reiss)

The Upstairs Room by
Johanna Reiss
The upstairs room is a room is a story where Anne  and her sister remain hidden  from the Germans during the Second World War because they are Jewish. Anne and Sine are separate from they family .Anne and her older sister are in a farm, hidden. Their mother has died, she was sick. Their father is steel alive but he is hidden in somebody else house, he hasn?t got any food to eat. The girls stayed in the upstairs room for around two years. A lot of sudden things happen like Germans made their offices downstairs but the girls remained upstairs in the hidden place. The girls had lots of fun with the new family they are living. Opoe has her birthday and the whole family including Anne and Sine had dinner together although it was very dangerous. Anne has to exercise her legs every day because she doesn?t exercise them at all. In the end Sini found a boyfriend and the went to live together with her older sister and her father in their old home, but Anne remained with the ?new family? she really liked them and got used to.
The story takes place in Holland during the Second World War. The book is fantastic for history books lovers. I really enjoyed it.

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