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Tell Me Your Dreams
(Sidney Sheldon)

An American girl by the name Ashley Patterson was living a normal life working at global computer graphics in Silicon Valley. Apart from feeling that she was being followed and that an unknown stranger was visiting her apartment without her knowledge everything seems normal.
She was however arrested for the murder of the policeman that came to offer her protection when she complained that someone wanted to kill her and she could not sleep unless she was given protection.
The officer has been savagely stabbed and castrated after a sexual encounter.
The DNA of the vaginal fluid found on the private part of the policeman and the fingerprint on the murder instrument matched those of Ashley Patterson.
The way the policeman was murdered was identical to three other murders that occurred over the years in three other locations.
The DNA of the vaginal fluid found on the victims and the fingerprints found at the murder scene matched that of Ashley Patterson.
Ashley Patterson was not aware that she committed any of the murders.
A young criminal lawyer by name David who Ashley?s father had helped to save her mother through a free heart surgery was recruited to defend Ashley in the murder case.
It was David the defense lawyer who found out under hypnosis that Ashley was unaware of her involvement in the murders because she was insane, a victim of MPD a situation called multiple personality disorder. Her altar egos committed the crime and she was totally unaware of it.
David was able to prove with the help of psychiatrists that Ashley Patterson committed those crimes because she was insane and pleaded not guilty because of insanity.
She was transferred to an asylum to undergo a course of treatment that took six years before she was healed.
It was not until the trauma that introduced the altars into her life was known that her treatment became easier.
It was discovered in the course of her treatment that her father was a pedophile and had been sexually abusing her since the age of six years old.
She eventually became well and was released to go back to live a normal life.

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