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Daniel Deronda
(Eliot, George)

Call center is a place from one can get information and solution of his/her problem.  Two types of call center are there:
(1) Domestic call center.
(2) International call center.                                                                             
(1) Domestic call center: In the domestic center we cater the need of domestic customers only.                        
(2) International call center: In the international call center we cater the need of international customers only.
We have two types of process in both the call center.
(1) Inbound  (2) outbound.                                                             
(1) Inbound Process: In an inbound process we receive calls from our existing customers to solve their product related problems. Some times customers make call to get some more information about the product they are using.   
 (2) Outbound process: In an outbound process we make call to the people to sell our product. This process is better than an outbound process.                                                                                                          
Advantages: call center provides good facilities to entire staff.
Salary package: In an inbound process Salary package is not so high and incentives are also not so good.
Salary package: In an outbound process salary package is very high and incentives are also good. One can earn good incentives apart from his/her salary.
Facilities:  Call center provides good working environment.  They provide cab facility and meal facility to all workers.
Qualification: Any one who is a graduate or an under graduate can get job in the call center.
Quality: he/she must have sound knowledge of English.
He/She must be good listener
He/She must be soft spoken
He/She must have convincing power.
He/She must be a good performer.
Timing: timing of call centers vary from process to process.
Australian Process starts early in the morning.
U.K Process starts in the noon.
U.S Process starts in the nights.
Experience: For getting a job in the call center there is no experience required. Any fresher can get a job in this growing industry.
Disadvantages:  working in the call center has its own disadvantages. A person who works in call center tolerate many things like work pressure, people abuse them but they are force to tolerate it. They are not able to take a sound sleep because while others sleep they work. They do not have time to spend with their family member, friends and relatives. Overall they have disturbed life.
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