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Adsense And Income With Blogs

Blogs or more specifically... Niche Blogs are simply blogs that are topic focused and target a specific market and/or niche.More importantly though, these blogs contain targeted information that their target market is searching for.This is KEY.As an affiliate marketer we are always told that information, whether its an article, review, ebook, ecourse, report, mp3 or pod cast, is a key Pre-Selling tool before your potential customer decides to buy what it is that your offering.This is where Niche Blogs come into play because of there many capabilities and functions.The biggest advantage Blogs have is they give you the ability to syndicate your content and/or information through a technology called RSS(Real Simple Syndication).The types of content you are able to syndicate are as follows:- Articles- Product Reviews- eBooks- eCourses- Special Reports- Mp3 Files- Steaming Video(A.K.A Pod Casting)Are you starting to see the advantages to blogs or more importantly, having a network of affiliate Niche Blogs?I hope so.Also, with your Blog comes an RSS Feed that your potential visitors can subscribe to.Whats this mean for you?Simple. When ever you post to your affiliate Niche Blog or network of Niche Blogs guess who will INSTANTLY receive that post?That''s right, who ever subscribes to your RSS Feed.Are you starting to see the many benefits of having a Niche Blog and incorporating it into your affiliate marketing mix?Only you can answer that.Another great thing about Blogs in general is that search engines love them and everytime you post to your Niche Blog it "Pings" the search engines and other RSS Directories you''ve submitted to letting them know that there''s new fresh content for them to come and index.The more you post, the more pages that will be produced, which means... more for the search engines to index, which means... more traffic to your Niche Blog.The best way to take advantage of your new source of traffic and maximize your Niche Blog profits is to modify your blog template and add Google Adsense and your affiliate programs marketing materials to it.By doing this, everytime you post to your Niche Blog your marketing message will always be there and Google Adsense will display targeted ads related to your content.Now, I can''t go into alot of detail on how to modify blog templates in this article simply because that''s an article within itself and then some.All I really wanted to get across to you is the advantages to having your own Niche Blog as part of your affiliate marketing mix to help market your affiliate programs to your target audience.Blogs are here to stay so we might as well take advantage of them in any way that we can.

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