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Making Money Online

If you want to make money online, having your own web page is just the beginning. It like having a billboard in the middle of the Nevada desert, if nobody see it, it?s as if it does not exist. It?s worthless. The best way to look at it is like this. If the three key passwords in real estate are location, location, location, then on the Internet, its traffic, traffic, traffic. Your most important task is to drive traffic to your site. But not just any traffic, targeted traffic. I?ll repeat this again, your most important task is to drive targeted traffic to your site, period. If you have no traffic, your site has no value. A web page is nothing without traffic. On the Internet, traffic is everything.Your website is like an imaginary city in the middle of the desert. If you can attract people to it while building traffic, everything on your site automatically increases in value.Here are some of the main sources of income online that can be generated:Your own productThis is when you are selling something that you have created. A lot of times people sell e-books, newsletters, e-zines, etc..Affiliate ProgramsThis is where you sign up to market someone else?s product or service and they pay you commission of the total that you have help them sell.Google AdsenseThis is where you implement small google ads on your site and when someone clicks on them, you can get paid.A small percentage of a larger population can still be a lot of people. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when trying to get your visitors to stay at your website longer.Duration: How long do your visitors spend at your site.Depth: How deep will they go exploringFrequency: How often do your visitors return?On the Internet, you don?t need millions of visitors to make your millions. Say, if you had just a measly 10,000 highly targeted visitors to give you permission to develop a relationship with them, those 10,000 would make you rich. What people really want from the Internet are fast solutions to their problems. They want fast results, immediate delivery, and instant gratification mixed with some one on one interactivity. If you build your business around these advantages, in the long run you will have more business than you can handle.

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