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(m.p. singhal)

Tennis is a game in which opposing players--one or two on each side--use rackets to hit a ball back and forth over a net.  The game is played on a flat surface called a court.  Each player tries to score points by hitting the ball so that the opposing player or players cannot return it over the net and inside the court. 
Tennis may be played indoors or outdoors.  If two people play, the game is called singles.  If four people play, it is called doubles.  In most singles and doubles matches, men play against men and women against women.  In mixed doubles, a man and a woman play on each side. 
Millions of people throughout the world play tennis for exercise and recreation.  They play on courts in public parks and in private tennis clubs.  Players of almost any age can enjoy the sport.  While tennis can be enjoyed by players of any level of skill, top competition is a demanding test of both style and stamina. 
Professional tennis players travel throughout the world to compete in tournaments that offer vast sums in prize money.  Many countries enter men''s and women''s teams that compete for international trophies.  The most famous team tournaments are the Davis Cup, which represents the world''s men''s team championship, the Federation Cup for women''s teams, and the Wightman Cup between British andWrite your abstract here.

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