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Journalism is one of the most important professions.  It informs citizens about events in their community, the nation, and the world.  The reports of journalists also help people form opinions about current affairs.  Journalists inform the public through several means of communication, especially newspapers, magazines, radio, and television.  These means of communication are often referred to as the press or the news media. 
Every day, journalists throughout the world gather, write, and edit material for thousands of news stories.  Local reporters, for example, cover school board meetings, fires, sports events, and other local stories.  Other journalists, including foreign correspondents, cover national and international news. 
In democratic countries, people depend on the news media for the fair and truthful reporting of current events.  These nations grant the press freedom to report news and opinions without government interference.  Freedom of the press encourages the exchange of ideas among citizens, which is essential for a democracy to work.  In government-controlled societies, however, the news media serve as an instrument of the state.  The press in these countries slants the news to support the policies of the government.Write your abstract here.

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