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Handbook Of Water And Wastewater
(Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff)

The text covers the technologies that are applied to the treatment and purification of water.  The workers in this field will embrace the subject as a treatise on solid-liquid separations.  However, the technologies discussed are not just restricted to pollution control hardware that rely only upon physical methods of treating and purifying wastewaters.  The book attempts to provide technologies applicable to both water and waste water sources.  The methods and technologies discussed are a combination of physical, chemical and thermal techniques.  There are twelve chapters dealing on orientation of terms and concepts, along with reasons why water treatment practices are needed. It runs through various chapters on treatment of water and finally ends up with the last chapter which deals with sludge.  This chapter looks not only at physico-chemical and thermal methods of sludge dewatering, but we explore what can be done with these wastes and their impact on the overall costs that are associated with a water treatment plant operation.  Sludge, like water, can be conditioned and sterilized, thereby transforming it from a costly waste, requiring disposal, to a useful byproduct that can enter into secondary markets.  Particular emphasis is given to pollution prevention technologies that are not only more environmentally friendly than conventional waste disposal practices, but cost effective. The book is written by experienced author in this field by attempting to bring out some of his own philosophy in dealing with water treatment projects.  As per author?s teaching experience, the subject matter, at the level of presentation in this volume is best suited to students with at least 3 years of engineering education under their belts.  The special feature incorporated into each chapter is the use of sidebar discussions.  This will help to emphasize important points to remember, plus can assist plant managers, for imparting
training to technical staff, especially operators on the specific technologies relied upon in their operations. 

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