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David Copperfield

It tells about the story of a boy named David Copperfield. He was born at Blunderstone.  His father died six months before he was born.  His mother married another person named Mr. Murdson , he was a bad man . A new brother was born.  When he reached the teenage he was sent to a boarding school.  There he met J Steerforth and they became good friends . One day he got a letter that his mother and brother died . He understood that his mother and brother was murdered by his stepfather . Now he was only satisfied when he went Pegotty ?s house (she was a kind neibour who was a friend of his mother, Pegotty married Mr. Barkis) , so he found happiness there . Pegotty had 2 orphans with her Emily and Ham . They were very friendly with David . One day he saw his stepfather talking to somebody . He was Mr. Quinion ,the owner of a firm . His stepfather was going to send him to work in that firm and he was  send to work .He earned 6 shillings a week . First he stayed with Mr. Micawbar and then with Mr. Tipp?s .  Then he thought about his only relative aunt Betsey and to leave this place and go there for some help .He went to aunt Betsey and lived there and studied in a school  to finish his studies . His aunt had a friend named Mr. Wickfield . He had a daughter named Agnes . After his studies he gets the vacancy of a apprentice(a person who works for an employer in order to learn the trade). He was well in the office of Spenlow and Jorkins and qualifying himself the profession of the lawyer. Spenlow had a daughter named Dora .David fell in love with her.                  Ham loved Emily , but one day Ham came  with a bad news that Emily had run away with David?s friend J Steerforth . But David married Dora .He also started writing books. The love between Steerforth and Emily started losing and she was left to their servant Littimer  and he locked her in  a room but she escaped from there when they were in some foreign countries . One day Dora David?s wife died , after that David married Agnes . There was a storm there and many lost there lives Emily and Steerforth died in that

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