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Aia Guide To The Architecture Of Washington, D.c.
(G. Martin Moeller Jr.)

The fourth edition of the venerable AIA guide to Washington''s architecture offers tourists, residents, and architecture aficionados insights into nearly 400 of the city''s most important architectural landmarks, organized into 19 discrete tours. All entries carried over from the previous edition, published in 1994, have been thoroughly rewritten, and scores of entries have been added. This edition includes notable new structures such as the National Museum of the American Indian, as well as the classics that epitomize the city?the White House, the Capitol, Union Station?plus a number of private structures that are sometimes overlooked, including houses designed by Walter Gropius and Richard Neutra. G. Martin Moeller Jr. blends informed, concise descriptions with lively commentary on each landmark, revealing often surprising details of the building''s history and design. Every entry is accompanied by a photograph and includes the structure''s location, the names of the architects and designers responsible for the building and any major alterations, and the corresponding dates of completion. Each entry is keyed to a new, easy-to-read map at the beginning of the tour. From the imposing monuments of Capitol Hill and the Mall to the pastoral suburban enclaves of Foxhall and Cleveland Park, and from small memorials to vast commercial and institutional complexes, this guide shows us a Washington that is at once excitingly fresh and comfortably familiar.

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