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The Complete Color Directory
(Alice Westgate)

If you want a little color in your life this book is for you. Have you ever been in a room that just sucks your energy out? What about a room that feels enlightening or energizing every time you step in it. The colors in the room may very well be the thing that''s affecting how you feel. This book is a wonderful guide to how to use color in your home. The Complete Color Directory goes through primary, black/white, metallic and neutral colors and suggests how to use them in your home. It includes color suggestions and recipes on how to mix your own colors from scratch. Color Inspirations lead you into the history of the color in interior design, and how the pigment has been used through out the world. The Healing Section invites you to experiment with Feng Shui and explains how your color of choice either invites or inhibits the energy flow in the room. Color Therapy tells you what your color could do for your health physically. For example, did you know that red could alleviate head colds but aggravate insomnia. A purple room could alleviate depression, but aggravate shyness. The Real Life section suggests associations with the color and suggests ways that it can be useful in specific rooms. Finally there is a section for each color for those of us who always wanted to mix our pinks and reds. What color couch will go good with that Victorian green wall? There are suggestions galore in Good Combinations on how to mix those colors to make the most of your space. I highly suggest this book for people who aren''t afraid to splash some colors on the walls of their life. I even recommend it to people who maybe aren''t quite as bold, but still need a little help bring life into the home. It''s a wonderful book full of great decorating ideas. Pick it up and have some fun!

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