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Chinese Whispers
(Rosalyn Dexter)

Chinese Whispers Feng Shui by Rosalyn Dexter is the first Feng Shui book that I''ve come across that is presented with good Feng Shui. From the beautiful and inviting cover to the imaginative and informative pages within, this book is the ultimate Feng Shui teaching tool. After beginning this lovely book the reader will feel the energy created by the lessons, the ideas and the recommendations. Readers will want to start to implement the suggestions for creating happiness, peace, harmony and security right away. "If the road slopes gently down toward your building - this is luck pouring in." "Water flowing toward your front door brings vitality and money...water flowing away from your entrance can carry that vitality away." Dexter presents "over 400 suggestions - room by room - situation by situation - on how to apply Feng Shui." When she describes the effects of mirrors she innovatively uses a mirrored page. Readers will enjoy the lessons and recommendations for both home and work areas. Rosalyn Dexter gives the fundamentals of Feng Shui in laymans terms and in the true spirit of the art, she''s designed a book that really depicts what Feng Shui is all about. This is a must read for those interested in improving their lives and life styles.

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