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State Of Fear
(Michael Crichton)

An alternate viewpoint:

I have read this book twice.  I do not agree that MIchael Crichton is a great writer.  I think he is, instead, a great entertainer.  A world-class entertainer, even.  At least, we all keep going to his movies, and watching his TV shows, and reading his books, right?  I have read all of his books, and I will continue to read everything he writes - it's excellent entertainment!

In this book, a mostly irrelevant thriller story line is built around researching global warming theories. I am worried that this particular book will turn out to be an embarrassment to Crichton in his dotage.  I do not think it is a balanced view; I think it is very slanted towards the viewpoint of people who do not believe in global warming.  It is very convincing - after reading it, I doubted global warming for weeks (both times!), despite what most of the scientists are saying today. 

I also do not think this book is well written.  I think everything after the death of the main character is handled awkwardly, and kind of a let-down. 

But, great literature is not what we are after here, is it?  For sheer, intense entertainment while learning about a different viewpoint, read this book.  In fact, for entertainment, you can always depend on a Michael Crichton, because, whatever else you might say, it will be entertaining!

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